Actors of Maranatha

Erik Nelsonfull-time actor with Maranatha Productions for ten years

Erik Nelson Erik has traveled nationally and internationally with Maranatha portraying a large variety of Biblical roles, the foremost being Jesus in various passion plays and on multiple tours in Israel. Other major roles include Wycliffe Bible translator Chet Bitterman in "Martyred," hymn writer John Newton in "But Now I See," and even a mischievous river rat in an adaptation of the American classic Tom Sawyer. In England, Erik has taken on the lead role in "Jesus in Blue Jeans" and has portrayed Pastor Des Morton in the movie "Stepping Stone Miracles." Additionally Erik can be seen in national print ads, on TV commercials, hosting the TV show "Dirt Bike Television," and performing in schools with The Morris Brothers. Recently he has been viewed on the big screen as Delamotte, a close friend of John Wesley in the movie "Wesley."

Sydney Leigh Allen -- new part-time actress with Maranatha in 2009

Sydney Leigh AllenSydney debuted with Maranatha in "Sing of His Glory," taking on four different roles in this Christmas interactive drama. For the Lenten season, she is featured in "Glorious Morning" as Anna, a believer in Jesus. A graduate of Playhouse North School of Theatre in 2007, she has returned to the Lancaster area and can be seen in local theaters including Freedom Chapel Dinner Theatre and the Theatre of the Seventh Sister. She is also a singer, dancer, and master of various accents.

Jeremy Brancato -- new with Maranatha in 2010

Jeremy BrancatoA graduate of Greensboro College Theatre, Jeremy took on the role of the Pharisee Samuel in "Glorious Morning" as his debut with Maranatha Productions. He has performed at Sight and Sound Theatre and also at Freedom Chapel Dinner Theatre in the lancaster County area. He enjoys Biblical dramas and has had prior experience with them at Rocky Hock Theatre in Edenton, NC.


Scott Carter -- part-time actor with Maranatha for five years

Scott Carter Scott has traveled with Maranatha throughout the States as well as to England and
Jamaica with live drama. He has portrayed William Tyndale in "his words: HIS WORD," Chet's best friend in "Martyred: The Chet Bitterman Story," and often a rabbi with a story to tell in Biblical dramas. Now a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and formerly a part-time minister at Church of the Open Door in York, Pennsylvania, Scott continues to act with Maranatha whenever his schedule permits. He also takes three months out of each year to be in missions work with church building and leadership in other countries.

Eric Cooper -- part-time actor with Maranatha during the last ten years

Eric CooperEric has performed in many Biblical dramas with Maranatha, most recently in the role of the rabbi in "Blind Bartimaeus." One of his favorite Maranatha dramas is the true story of William Tyndale, "his words: HIS WORD," in which he has played every part at one time or another. A computer specialist by profession, Eric has also directed and performed in various dramas at Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA.


Dathan Glickpart-time actor with Maranatha for over five years

Dathan Glick Dathan has taken on challenging roles such as Wycliffe Bible translator Chet Bitterman in “Martyred” and Bible translator William Tyndale in “his words: HIS WORD!” Traveling with Maranatha Productions throughout the United States, Dathan has performed in numerous Biblical dramas with roles including Bartimaeus, Adonijah, and Onesimus. He was a featured player in the production of “Jesus in Blue Jeans” staged in England; and he has reenacted accounts from the Bible on tour in the Holy Lands and in the West Indies. Interacting well with children and young people, Dathan has portrayed various characters, such as Tom Sawyer, for children’s theater and summer camps. He has also appeared as Chris in Freedom Chapel’s “Amish Vows in Paradise.”

Leah Hubbard -- part-time actress with Maranatha for five years

Leah HubbardLeah has taken on numerous roles in Maranatha's Biblical dramas, including "Consider the Lilies," "Glorious Morning," "A Letter to Philemon," "Simon Peter, Fisherman," and the contemporary play of "Jesus in Blue Jeans." She has been featured in the Christmas dramas of "Divine Gift," "The Gift of the Magi," and "Sing of His Glory." Relating well to children and youth, she has performed for children’s theaters and has assisted with summer drama camps. Acting since she was twelve, Leah is now pursuing theatre arts at Lancaster Bible College.

Sabrina Jordan -- new part-time actress with Maranatha in 2009

Sabrina JordanSabrina debuted with Maranatha in "Consider the Lilies" and then took on the role of Della in Maranatha's version of "The Gift of the Magi." She has acted in many productions at Freedom Chapel Dinner Theatre in Christiana, PA, often repeating the role of Rachel in "Amish Vows in Paradise" and "Amish Family Christmas." A wife and mother of three, Sabrina also is studying toward a college degree in software engineering.

Gail Klabe part-time actress with Maranatha for over five years

Gail KlabeThe Director of Christian Education for Community Reformed Church in Feasterville as well as the Director of the Christian Day School there, Gail has promoted Maranatha's work in that area of Pennsylvania. She launched a children's theatre at the church and performed with Maranatha's casts for those performances, including "Tom Sawyer" and "Cinderella." She has also appeared with Maranatha in Christmas productions, murder mysteries, and dinner theaters, with one of her favorites being "Come Blow Your Horn."

Kimberly Laphampart-time actor with Maranatha as available for the past ten years

Kimberly Lapham Kimberly has performed in a variety of roles with the drama ministry, most recently as Mary in "Divine Gift," a Christmas drama for which she was the co-writer. Kimberly has been in drama for twenty years--from acting and directing a small traveling troupe in college, to performing and teaching both nationally and internationally with her husband Michael, to presently directing school and community theatre in Reading, PA. Perfecting the art of interactive drama with Maranatha, she launched out on her own with two original Biblical monologues five years ago. Kimberly currently teaches a drama class at King's Academy and home schools their son.

Michael Lapham -- ongoing actor with Maranatha for over ten years

Michael Lapham Michael Lapham has performed with Maranatha in a variety of roles, including the narrator troubadour in "his words: HIS WORD," Onesimus in "A Letter to Philemon," and all of the males roles in "Martyred: The Chet Bitterman Story." His theatrical journey with stage acting has been ongoing for the last 22 years and marked by everything from state of the art theaters to street interaction. During the past eight years Michael has focused on doing dinner and mystery theatre, performing, script writing and composing music. Currenty employed at a large theater near Lancaster, PA, Michael also performs a monologue of Dickens classic story :The Bagman's Uncle" in area schools and libraries.

Jim Munro -- part-time actor with Maranatha

Jim Munro Jim has appeared with Maranatha Productions as Caiaphas in "Glorious Morning" numerous times at Freedom Chapel and in "A Christmas Carol" at the same dinner theatre. He has been acting for over 25 years--at The Playhouse in the Park, The Fulton Opera House, and Lancaster area dinner theaters. He became well known as Amos in "Amish Vows in Paradise," the role he originated in 2004 at Freedom Chapel, and continued in that role in “Amish Family Christmas” in 2007. Jim is also a writer and director with his productions of "A Little North of South," the musical comedy “The Pill--ibuprofen,” and his newest play "Marriage--There's Nothing Like It."

Lois Neidermyer -- associated with Maranatha for the past twelve years

Lois NeidermyerA retired teacher and principal, Lois now serves as Executive Director of Maranatha Productions, succeeding her late husband Dan, who was one of the founders of this nonprofit educational theater and production company. In addition to overseeing the operation of the drama ministry, she often serves as a narrator in Maranatha performances, engaging the audience and inviting some of them to become a part of the cast. In addition, Lois does write scripts for new Biblical dramas, for Christmas productions, and at times for specially requested programs.

Amy Shea -- part-time actress returning to Maranatha in 2010

Amy Shea Amy has returned to acting with Maranatha in the role of hymn writer Fanny Crosby in "Blessed by Fanny," revived in the fall of 2010. From 1999 to 2001, Amy performed fulltime with Maranatha Productions, creating a myriad of roles: Brenda in "Martyred," a priestess in "The Passion Play," Jill Tanner in Butterflies Are Free," and Suzie Hendrix in "Wait Until Dark." She has also performed professionally with numerous local theaters such as: Gretna Theatre, Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Rainbow Dinner Theater, Theater of the Seventh Sister, and most recently with Historic Philadelphia Penumbral Productions. Amy has appeared in several independent films and is co-producer of 2-Shea Productions, Inc. In addition to her theatrical performance credits, Amy is a producer, director, arts educator, writer, model, singer, and costumer.

Corey Thomas part-time actor with Maranatha for a total of five years

Corey ThomasCorey has portrayed a variety of roles with Maranatha: in dramas of faith-based lives, in Biblical accounts, and for children's theater and dinner theater. He has taken on the role of the outspoken rabbi in "Blind Bartimaeus," the part of runaway Jonah, the terrorist role of the M-19 guerrilla in "Martyred: the Chet Bitterman Story," and a wanna-be Elvis in a murder mystery. With a full-time job as a mason, Corey considers his opportunities to act with Maranatha as his ministry and service for the Lord.

Through the years there have been hundreds of people who have acted with Maranatha Productions--people of all ages and people from various states and countries. Their sharing of their God-given talents has blessed countless people through this drama ministry.

New actors with experience and a desire to be involved in drama ministry are welcome to contact Maranatha Productions for acting opportunities.