Audience Participation with Maranatha Productions, Inc.

Audience Participation
Portraying Jesus's disciples, three young men from the audience at
Brookfield Bible Church in Harrisburg, Pennyslvania, join Maranantha's actor
as the disciple Peter in an imaginary boat as they make their way on the stormy water in
"Simon Peter, Fisherman."


Audience Participation
An audience member assists as a prophet in the Biblical drama
"Adonjiah, the Arrogant Prince," while the prince's priest Abiathar looks on.


Audience Participation
A troubadour retells the story of William Tyndale with assistance from
two gentlemen from the audience when "his words:  HIS WORD" is
dramatized in 3C Community Church in the heart of Tyndale country
in England.


Audience Participation
Two advisors--one from the audience and one a Maranatha
actress--think along with King Darius as to what can be done to
govern his large kingdom in "Daniel, Bold to Pray" at Magic Waters
Summer Theatre in Bainbridge, Ohio.