Children's Theater
      • Fun-filled dramas engaging children in the story and with the cast
      • Ideal for school assemblies, camp programs, community events
      • Cast of professional actors in costume
      • Costumes and/or props for spontaneous audience participation
      • Most 45 minutes in length


  • The classic fairy tale of a girl who was treated horribly by her step-mother and step-sisters but who with the help of a fairy godmother meets her prince, and so do members of the audience


Daniel Boone“Daniel Boone”

  • The true story of young Daniel Boone, who learned much from the Delaware Indians along with the Indian folk tale of "How Bear Lost His Tail"



King Grizzly Beard“King Grizzly Beard”

  • The Grimm Brothers' fairy tale where a young judgmental princess rejects many princes as suitors until her father the King demands that she marry the first beggar to come to their door


Tom and Huck“Tom and Huck”

  • An adaptation of Mark Twain's classic Tom Sawyer, with Tom and Huck drawing members from the audience into their adventures (fun for both children and adults)