Christmas Dramas
      • One-hour dramas perfect for advent services and Christmas banquets or parties
      • Cast of professional actors in costume
      • Spontaneous audience participation to complete the casts

Scrooge in A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol”

  • The classic story by Charles Dickens about miser Ebenezer Scrooge and his encounters with three Christmas spirits that change his life—enlisting audience members to complete the cast—all in costume

Divine Gift“Divine Gift”

  • A mother’s glimpse into the future of her precious baby boy, a child promised to Mary by an angel and fathered by God, a boy who would grow into a man who would change the world
    (Maranatha actors as Mary and Jesus with audience members completing the cast)

The Gift of the Magi“The Gift of the Magi”

  • A heart-warming drama based on O’Henry’s short story about a young couple willing to make a sacrifice one for the other in order to buy each other a Christmas gift—with the help of audience members

Sing of His Glory“Sing of His Glory”

  • The stories behind three favorite Christmas carols, bringing more meaning to their being sung today---“What Child Is This?” “Silent Night,” and “I Wonder as I Wander”—with cast and audience voices lifted in song

    (This drama works well within a church service time frame.  It can also be used at a Christmas party with the option of the story behind the song
    “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to introduce the program.)

The Gift of the Magi"The Shoemaker Welcomes Christmas"

  • An old familiar story with a unique approach at Christmas as a lonely shoemaker reaches out to others in need (cast from the audience) as he waits for a visit from the Lord