Murder Mysteries
      • Intriguing dramas where audiences have to solve the mystery
      • Introductory scene to introduce the audience to the characters and the plot
      • Simultaneous follow-up scenes in various locations with audience members
        following a character of their choice
      • Closing scene with murder off stage
      • Session with the cast at the end of the drama for audience members
        to question the characters to figure out:
        • Who was the murderer? 
        • How was the murder committed? 
        • Why was the murder committed?

The Gift of the Magi“He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”

  • There's a secret in the holler and only a few know what it is.  Jasper is ready to marry Betsysue, but Jasper's brother Percy is not sure why.  Betsysue's mother,    her brother E. P. with an Elvis complex, and pesky land surveyor Sylvester Higgins add to the cast of potential murderers.

The Gift of the Magi“Who Dun It?”

  • An alien adds intrigue to this murder mystery where the Cleatons---Teddy, Zeke, Stew, and Lizzy---wonder what their Pa is doing with that alien. Meanwhile neighbor Maybelle and a Miss Busybody could also be suspects.