Testimonials for Maranatha Productions, inc.

"All my life I have heard and sung 'Amazing Grace.'  I knew a little of the story of John Newton, but not nearly to the extent presented in 'BUT NOW I SEE.'  I discovered how incredible God's grace really was in his life. As a result, this strong hymn takes on even deeper meaning for me.

"The play was delightfully entertaining, emotionally riveting, and spiritually enriching.  Erik Nelson literally becomes John Newton.  He also draws the audience into the scenes and makes this less of a performance and more of a personal event.

"I encourage you to make 'BUT NOW I SEE' a part of your ministry of outreach.  You will not be disappointed."
                                                                        Rev. Craig S. Carlson, Senior Pastor
                                                                        The Covenant Church of Easton, Connecticut

"...thank you for bringing your presentations of 'Adonijah' and 'Bartimaeus' to our school.  They are one of the most talked about and joyfully anticipated chapel presentations of the year...
The interactive nature of the presentations makes them perfect for children on every grade level, and the fact that they are just plain 'fun' makes learning important spiritual lessons easy and pleasant.  Your willingness to interact with students after the presentation has been important to our students and faculty alike."

                                                                        Dr. Richard E. O'Hara, Headmaster
                                                                        United Christian Academy, Newport, Vermont

"The performance of 'A Christmas Carol' was delightfully different with a unique twist having audience participation!  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.  I've had many happy comments and the Saturday night program has been the 'buzz' throughout (the community)."

                                                                        Naomi Cotton, Resident
                                                                        Calvary Homes, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"'Consider the Lilies'...what an outstanding presentation!  The retirement community residents were in awe of what they saw and heard."             

                                                                        Rev. Dr. Robert Tenglin, Chaplain
                                                                        Covenant Village of Florida, Plantation, Florida

"Erik's portrayal of Jesus is so real...just as you can imagine it...as if you're right there!"

                                                                        John Hays
                                                                        Elim Pentecostal Church of Keynsham, England

"The portrayal of the Crucifixion for us that last night (of camp) was one of the most moving experiences we have ever had.  We had our campfire after that and many children and some of our adults decided they needed a deeper relationship with the Lord.  God certainly worked through you that night."
                                                                        Gail Forsberg, Camp Coordinator
                                                                        New York State Christian Endeavor Summer Assembly

"Once again the presentation of Maranatha Productions was excellent...The worship hour was a blessing to all in attendance.  No doubt, God was pleased and praised.

"A confirmation came that afternoon as one grieving parishioner took the time to send an email, sharing that he was feeling sad when he came to church but that the performance was wonderful. He closed by writing, 'God knew just what I needed.'"

                                                                        Pastor G. Wayne Clapier
                                                                        Wissinoming Bible Fellowship Church, Philadelphia, PA